Michael (Mike) E. Mould, P.E.





Flight Test

Test Operations Management

Prototype Winglet & Flight Test Program Management

Principle Design Engineer, Learjet

Flight Test Site Manager, Shorts Brothers, Belfast, N.I.


Lead Test Engineer

Data System Build, Test, Support, & Maintenance



Instrumented 747 Fuse Pins

Instrumented Load Pins

Split-Shell Slip Rings

Instrumented Cable Tension Turnbuckles

Laser Interferrometric Force Transducer (US Patent #5,446,546)

Load Cells

Wind Tunnel Six-Component Sting Balances

Wind Tunnel External Balances

Wind Tunnel Model Surface Load/Moment Balances

Automated Balance Calibration Systems

Flight Test Instrument Installations

Dynamic Laser Torque Measuring Systems

Machine Tools

Machine Tool Fixtures

Rapid Response Prototype Tooling

Floor Vibration Damping Systems

Cargo Door Latching Mechanisms


Other Skills

University Instructor in Fluid and Thermal Sciences

University Instructor in Principles of Measurement & Engineering Statistics

University Lab Instructor & Experiment Designer in Engineering Statistics

Machinist (lathe, mill, tool grinder, gear hobber, secondary machine tools)

Welding (stick, TIG, MIG, Heliarc, SubArc)

Tool & Die Maker