Sound Performance Engineering, LLC, is comprised of experienced professionals with a mutual desire to provide the services needed by our customers.  All of our engineers (members) have both a unique background and a proven record of excellence that crosses many disciplines of the engineering spectrum.  We also have the ability to draw on other professional resources (associates) as required to support program requirements, including, licensed aircraft mechanics, DAR's (designated airworthiness representatives), DER's (designated engineering representatives for specific disciplines), aircraft inspectors, etc.  Some of our engineers have extensive experience working with regulatory certification authorities and are highly respected in the field for their thoroughness.

We can also provide the flight test piloting services needed to support almost any aircraft platform.  Our pilots are unrivaled with respect to both their credentials and skills, and we are sure you will find them to be professional, knowledgeable, capable, helpful, and very friendly.

After years of working together on various flight test programs, we jointly recognized a need for an engineering services with the capability to scale these services to meet various customer needs.  Owing to the diversity of our engineers, our services are not confined to flight test; we can provide engineering services to support almost any test engineering need imaginable.

As a group dedicated to assisting our customers in any way we can, we offer a full suite of services, from a complete "turn-key" solution to one of complimenting your own engineering staff and providing our assistance where it is needed.  With our professionals you can expect nothing but cooperation, integrity, an unchallenged work ethic, and a complete awareness of safety.